Terrapin Tile

Handcrafted Tiles and Pottery

Handmade Tile and Pottery

Terrapin Tile creates decorative ceramic tiles suitable for all installations such as kitchens, bathrooms, and fireplace surrounds. For those of you adding to your tile collection, each ceramic tile also has a notch on the back to allow for hanging.

Choose tiles from our wide variety of glazes and tile lines! We offer matte, crackle, and glossy glazes for your animal track tiles, botanical tiles, creature tiles, and marine life tile designs.

While the majority of our work focuses on nature, we can also create your one-of-a-kind designs. Send us a photo or sketch and we will render the image onto a relief tile you can truly call your own.

Terrapin Tile is once again offering pottery!



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The artist's motivation:

Natural Inspiration

Leslie Krist’s ceramic work is defined by her love of nature.

Natural forms always seem to find a way into her pottery and tiles. Her current work showcases sgraffito, a classic and labor intensive technique which involves painting colored slip (generally black slip) onto the surface of the pot or tile and scratching away the black to reveal nature’s beauty in each design.  

She loves the interaction between the graphic quality of the black and white image and the texture created by scratching away the clay.  As the design is revealed, the clay is left with a sculptural, almost wood grain texture creating unique pottery and tiles that are beautiful, but also functional.





ginkgo edge bowl

Ginkgo Edge Bowl


Handmade Pottery Loon Sgraffito Blue

Loon Dish

Handmade Pottery Crow Sgraffito Gray

Crow Dish

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